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September 2014
Here at the adobe yard itís already beginning to feel like Fall. NME has had a busy year. As we move into September we are pushing hard to fill our field with adobes and stockpile for Winter sales. A reminder--prices go up and availability goes down in the Fall and Winter! Schedule projects to take advantage of Summer heat, while it lasts, and spend your Winter planning those Spring adobe projects.

Moving forward, 2013 promises to be a great year!
Add mass to your home with adobe, among the most sustainable of building materials. Adobe mimics insulation and regulates temperature in your home, so the lows are not as low, and the highs are not as high. Adobe, culturally and historically relevant, continues to be appropriate for our modern times. Build for comfort: Build adobe!

Winter at New Mexico Earth Adobes
January 2012
We have plenty of adobes in stock this season. The short cold days of winter prevent us from producing adobes at this time of year; however, as we work hard in the heat of summer we plan ahead, and set aside plenty of blocks in anticipation of winter sales. Wintertime is also ideal for planning spring projects. Combine adobe walls with plantings in your garden to create private spaces and to add beauty and interest. Add Soilutions compost and mulch for healthy plants. Sun-dried adobe and Soilutions Compost-- for the many shades of green!

Fall has come to New Mexico
November 2010
Fall in New Mexico heralds the end to the 2010 production season at New Mexico Earth, as the cool nights and short days lengthen the drying time of adobe blocks from days to months. We have spent the warm days of summer stockpiling adobes for winter sales. Adobe construction is a year-round activity, and we have top quality sun-dried blocks available in traditional, semi-stabilized, and fully-stabilized varieties.

June 2010
'Tis the season! For adobe, that is; and now that Spring has truly come to Albuquerque, we at New Mexico Earth Adobe are embarking on our 38th year of supplying the Southwest, and beyond, with top quality sun-dried blocks. We offer traditional, semi-stabilized, and fully-stabilized varieties; your project, your choice.
Remember: Adobe is the ultimate in flexible building materials, welcoming to the professional and the beginner alike, encouraging of creative expression and sculptural possibilities whether embarking on a home, a garden wall, or something totally unique.
Adobe walls for your garden lend peace and beauty, and as wind-blocks and providers of shade, can create micro-climates perfect for the plant that requires a certain environment. Combine Soilutions products with adobe for an inviting outdoor living space.
A final thought from New Mexico Earth Adobes--Green and sustainable!
More than just style: Adobe.

Adobe has been historically used as a building material throughout the world and is still used today in modern construction.
The state of New Mexico is the nation’s center for Earth Building. We are developing new approaches to encourage sustainable energies. Adobe building is an important part of that development.
Adobe construction is ‘the greenest of the green’! Working alone with a hoe, shovel, and a form you could make enough adobes for a very comfortable home and not spend a penny on carbon based fuels. Electing to make your own adobes mirrors an earlier age which, by millennia, predates the pharaohs. Don't have the time? New Mexico Earth Adobes has spent over 38 years perfecting the art of hand-made, sun-dried adobe blocks.



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