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Compost! (and more)

NME is now a proud supplier of Soilutions compost! Picked up at our yard or delivered to yours.

Soilutions is a New Mexican producer and supplier of compost, topsoil, mulch, and other gardening products. Premium Compost and Topsoil Blend are always available for pickup at New Mexico Earth's North Valley location. Please call (505-898-1271) to check availability of other Soilutions Products. Also call us for delivery prices. For more information, visit the Soilutions website.

Premium Compost

Approved for use in certified organic gardens. Green waste (leaves, grass clippings, ground trees and brush, cactus, weeds, horse manure, and stall bedding) composted for at least 12 months. Screened to 1/2." Please call for delivery prices.

Picked up by the yard: $54/cubic yard, $52 via cash or check;
$29/half yard, $28 via cash or check
Bags (one cubic foot): Bags available by the pallet, please call for prices.
Topsoil Blend

Approved for use in certified organic gardens. Great for when there is little soil available onsite. A mixture of native soil and Premium Compost. Please call for delivery prices.

Picked up: $57/cubic yard, $55 via cash or check;
$31/half yard, $30 via cash or check
The following are delivery only. Please call us for delivery prices to your area.
New! Playgroung Mulch

Designed for playgrounds and dog runs. Screened to 3/4" and smaller. PlaySoft brand.

Please call for prices
Wood Mulch

Decorative mulch, blonde color, wood chipped to 2"-1/4."

Please call for prices
Screened Mulch

Composted woody materials, screened to 1". Chocolate brown color.

Please call for prices
Black and Tan Mulch

A blend of Wood Mulch and Screen Mulch for an great mottled color.

Please call for prices
Potting Soils
Great for native plants. Well drained.
PS1: Red cinder (3/8") and Premium Compost
PS2: Pumice (5/16"), sand, and Premium Compost
PS3: Pumice (5/16"), composted woody material (1"), and Premium Compost
Please call for prices

Pecan Shell Mulch

Pieces of red pecan shell, 1" to fine.

Please call for prices
Forest Floor Mulch

Acts like the thick layers of a forest floor. Contains moisture, and sets up a microbial environment that will slowly release nutrients. Blend of Premium Compost and chipped woody material.

Please call for prices
Native Mulch

Excellent for paths, windy areas, and slope stabilization. Rustic and long-lasting. Ground woody material, 6" to fine, composted to kill seeds.

Please call for prices

Custom Blends are available upon request. Please call for prices.



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