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Adobe is used in buildings all around the world - from the historical to those right here in Albuquerque! Browse these pictures for examples of different styles, methods, and ideas. Check out our different galleries to see local buildings, adobe manufacture, and field trips to our yard:

Construction Gallery - Finished architecture from around New Mexico

Production and Adobe Yard Gallery - Find out how we make adobes right here in Albuquerque

Field Trip Gallery - We welcome schools to come tour our yard and try their hands at making bricks.

Construction Gallery

Garden wall built by Keith Levine, Albuquerque, 2018
Tall corner wall sets off the landcaping
Inside the corner-wall is a granite-topped banco and a cat

Garden shed by Mike Goss, Albuquerque 2015
An adobe addition with bright turquoise door

Building under construction by Win DeLapp, Albuquerque, NM
Large adobe house waiting for roofing
Back view of the house and forklift

Sandra Hoover's garden path, Albuquerque, lined with 152 adobe blocks
A winding gravel path with adobe edging

Old adobes and new at the Ed Garcia residence in Albuquerque. Done by Architect Richard Schalk and by mason Ernest Aragon of Adobe Palaces
A corner where a new adobe wall meets the original adobe

House by builder John Calvin in Albuquerque, 2007
An expansive adobe home

"Tickle Path," the path of textures, Museum of Natural History, Albuquerque. Created by 8 year old Julia, of Albuquerque.
Adobe, stone, and wood help make up a multi-textured path

Garage by Rick Martinez, 2014
Adobe brick garage

Founder and proprietor Richard Levine at the Solar Fiesta, next to our demonstration adobe arch
Richard Levine poses at the Solar Fiesta

Farm to Table Restaurant project in Los Ranchos de Albuquerque by builder Carl Manning
A stack of adobes waits to be used in front of the new building

Art studio wall in Los Angeles, Ben Loescher project head, 2016
Building a new indoor adobe wall

Linton houses in Old Town Albuquerque, 2014 by builder Ernest Aragon
Corner showcasing new adobes

A stepped wall at our NME sales office in Albuquerque, NM
The top of a plastered wall, going down in steps

Work by John McEvoy in New Mexico
Decorative adobe and door
Adobe and glass block

Harry Pozas' House, New Mexico, 2010
Adobe wall
Another view of the wall

The Rakestraw Residence in New Mexico. An adobe home in the making
Rakestraw Residence, Reserve, NM, Summer 2010
A close up of the artfully done walls

A casita by Noah, one of our guest builders at the 2010 Solar Fiesta
Noah and his casita

Production and Adobe Yard Gallery

Adobe production starts with mixing adobe dirt and water into mud with the pugmill
Pugmill covered in mud

Mud in the mud pit
leaf shadows on mud

Laying out forms for the pour
Adobe molds with an adobe truck behind them

Mark (Production Manager and President) and Helen (Office Manager and Vice President) pouring and pulling mud to fill the adobe forms
Empty molds and hoes, ready to work
The tractor pouring mud into the first of the molds
The tractor emptying its bucket over the adobe molds
Using a hoe to pull the mud across the mold
Continuing to pull mud
More mud splashing into the forms
An almost-full row of adobe forms
Finishing the end of the form

A hot air balloon passing over our field full of bricks in 2014. Being close to the International Balloon Fiesta gives us a chance to wave at balloonists every year!
A brilliant hot air balloon low over the field

After the adobes start to dry, they are turned on edge and scraped to remove excess dirt
Scraping adobes

Scraped adobes left to dry in the field
Adobes herringbone across the field
Looking east from the bottom of the field

Dry adobes are stacked onto trucks and pallets
Lifting adobes onto a truck for easy moving
Stacking adobes on pallets for storage and transport

Pallets of adobes waiting and ready
Top view of filled pallets
Looking south at the yard across the pallets

Heading out! Pallets full of adobes leave the yard for their new home
Adobe pallets on a semi truck

New Mexico Earth in the winter snow, 2010
Close up of adobes in the snow
Snow capped our delivery trucks and unstacked adobes

Field Trip Gallery

A visiting field trip makes bricks next to the mud pit, April 2014
Looking up towards the pit and the large crowd of students
Close-up on the students in the dirt

Students in March, 2014, mix mud and make bricks
A student mixes a small batch of mud with a hoe
The group of students take turns mixing and preparing forms

A field trip from UNM makes full-sized and mini adobes next to the office
A group of UNM students gather near the office

Adobe Sundial This sundial was made in the spring of 2010 by students of the UNM honors program. The student used hand-made adobes. In this picture it is nearly four o'clock.
Adobe podium and hour markers with a wooden nomen



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