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The standard size of adobes in the Rio Grande Valley is 4x10x14. In addition to the standard size, we make a veneer adobe that is 4x5x14. We can also make special sizes of adobes and will consider all special orders. Prices below are for standard sizes.

Semi-stabilized adobe
$3.74 (picked up)*
Fully stabilized adobe
$4.50 (picked up)*
Unstabilized adobe
$3.84 (picked up)*
Veneer adobes
$2.02 (picked up)*
For current delivery prices, please call us at 505-898-1271

*Prices subject to change

New Mexico Earth Adobes provides loading assistance whenever possible.


We deliver locally. Adobes and adobe dirt can be shipped to you throughout the State of New Mexico and beyond. Call us or email us for information and current prices.

Dirt & Asphalt

We also provide quality adobe dirt and asphalt for making mud mortar or your own adobes

Adobe dirt
$65/Cubic Yard ($55 with adobe order)*
$35/Half Yard*
$58/ 5 gallon bucket*
$29/ 2 gallon bucket*

*Prices subject to change


NME is now a proud provider of Soilutions' New Mexico Compost and Enriched Planting Mix in bulk, picked up or delivered! For more information on compost, soil, and mulch, visit our compost page.

Soilutions Compost - bulk
$64/Cubic Yard*
$35/Half Yard*
Soilutions Compost - smaller quantities
Load your own!
Enriched Planting Mix - bulk
$69/Cubic Yard*
$37/Half Yard*
Please call us for a complete list of Soilutions products and delivery prices

*Prices subject to change



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Loading Up Adobes for Delivery